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Traveler's Tips

Altitude Sickness
To prevent altitude sickness, our recommendation is to always sleep the first night in the Sacred Valley (1,800 feet lower than Cusco city).

Take it easy the first day and please don’t run, eat excessively, or drink much alcohol. Try to drink all the water you can.

Mate coca tea helps but you should avoid it after 6:00 PM because it will keep you awake.
Cusco weather is unpredictable; it can change at any moment so it is good to have a jacket handy. The weather forecast is not always accurate.
How much to tip in Peru is really up to you. A 10% tip is the general practice.
Cusco is a safe town as long as you follow typical common sense rules, like not walking in dark alleys alone. Always take company taxis too.
Most businesses will accept US dollars or Peruvian soles. There are numerous exchanges and banks where you can change money into local currency. Most restaurants and larger stores will take credit cards but ask first to be safe. ATM's are very common but you may be charged a fee from your bank.
Boleto Turistico
The Boleto Turistico (tourist ticket) is sold at every ruin entrance; you don’t need to buy it in advance as some people will tell you.
Machu Picchu Entrance
Machu Picchu now has a limit of 2500 people per day so tickets here should really be bought in advance. If you want to climb the Huayna Picchu mountain you must buy the ticket in advance because only 300 people are allowed on the mountain per day and they sell out very quickly.
Train Tickets
The best seats and departure times for the train to Machu Picchu quickly sell out. It is always a good idea to buy train tickets as soon as possible.

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