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About Us

Established in 2007 and still going strong, Experience Peru started as a dream to help guests discover the
amazing secrets hidden within Peru.

We work with local and native Peruvians, and unlike some others, we make it a priority to treat them with the
courtesy and respect they deserve. We work together to help you experience the real Peru.

Our Mission is to inspire unforgettable moments, create value, and make a positive difference with
everybody we engage.

Our Vision is to provide a portfolio of unique experiences that anticipate and satisfy traveler's desires and needs.

Who is Sofia?

My name is Sofia Barreda and I have lived in the Sacred Valley for the past 5 years. Before this I studied
Hospitality Management at San Ignacio University in Lima.

While living in the Sacred Valley and working in large chain hotels, I was apalled to see tourists being treated as large groups and being quickly bused around from one place to another, with no options at all for individual needs.

That's when and why I started this travel agency...to help tourists experience Peru in the style they desire.